We recommend you first tour with us

Due to COVID-19, we are performing all tours via Zoom. If you're interested in touring one of our locations, go ahead and click below to book at the desired location. Upon your booking, you'll have to receive an email from us to confirm your tour appointment.

  • Due to COVID-19, please email us to set up a tour at our West location

  • Due to COVID-19, please email to set up a tour at our Dimond location

Registration + The Wait List

This option is coming soon to register on our website! For now, please email us for the registration form. Before enrollment, we require all interested families to submit a registration form for their child(ren). Upon completion of enrollment, the child(ren) registered will be added to our waitlist and therefore have priority in our first come first serve system. Contact us soon, while we have early enrollment discounts, as we prepare to re-open from our stay-in-place closure.


In time, you can be sure we will have an automated enrollment system online up and running. For now, Just reach out to us and let us know you're ready to enroll and we'll help you get started.

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