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Because of the great influential power teachers yield, there too comes an equally

great demand for responsibility.

Diamond Little People Academy (DLPA) is always looking for amazing teachers that want to be a part of shaping our world's future by helping develop and prepare the little people of today. The founders of DLPA view children as precious treasures to be protected and taken care of because of their extraordinary value. It became their goal to create a place and bring together people that want to "shape and polish" these little diamonds enabling them to shine bright for their future. With love as the foundation for all that we do, it helps provide a safe environment in

which our children can thrive in. From there, because of our love for children, it also allows us to work as a team for their betterment. Taken from our website:

"A child's curiousity, personal development, and creativity must be stimulated so that they develop a desire for learning in addition to respect and love for others around them. Through constant re-affirming and confidence building, the teachers here strive to maintain and reinforce the child's intrinsic attributes. Their aim is for the children to become respectful, considerate, bold, free-thinking, contributors to our world. As they do work closely with parents to meet the needs of the child and help them along."

Here's the type of teacher we are looking for:

  1. Must have ECE credits.

  2. Teaching is in your soul and so you experience great joy in inspiring children to dream, think, and express themselves.

  3. Organized, well-prepared, and highly adaptable in challenging circumstances.

  4. Responsible. We expect our staff to be responsible for their actions, the little people they lead here, the schedule entrusted to them, etc.

  5. Leaders that bring high energy, excitement, enthusiasm, innovation, and creativity to work everyday.

We are looking for people to join our team that are already traveling in the direction we are headed. Doing so allows us to avoid trying to convince people to join us and/or drag them along. If you are on board with our beliefs and values and are still interested in a position with us, do continue...

Please download our employee application here. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at the phone number or email address on the application. And let us know when you're ready to submit it and/or setup an interview.

Thank you for your time,


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